Incurring Penalties or Fines is easily done by not filing or by missing your set deadline for paying tax you owe. Upon receiving a fine or penalty notices, some people choose to stick their head in the sand hoping the problem will just disappear on its own. But the figure just keep’s increasing as interest is charged on top daily, monthly and even yearly on each passing filing deadline date. If you don’t act it can go to a collection agency or go through the courts. To stop your penalties/fines building up uncontrollably you need to speak to a Tax Agent or HMRC straightaway.

WPL Tax Agent’s will check with HMRC and get a clear view of the fines/penalties owed. We will try to reduce or get rid of the fines/penalties if appropriate and any of the remaining balance we can arrange a payment plan for you. You may not even owe HMRC any money but still have incurred fines due to unexplained tax on your income, then we can help you make an appeal. Don’t lose sleep anymore and let WPL Accounting help you.