Tax Fines and Penalties

Tax Fines and Penalties

Tax fines and penalties

Tax fines and penalties are a huge worry for a lot of people and phoning HMRC to sort them out when you don’t know the tax jargon being used can be a huge frustration.

Tax fines and penalties can be issued for just one reason or a combination of a few.

If you don’t file your tax return by the deadline you will get a £100 fine that will increase with penalties over a year to £1,600 or more.

Trace income proof for free.

Missing income proof can be a huge obstacle that stops a lot of people filing but at wpl we will trace any missing income proof guaranteed for free!

More than one year to file?

We can go back four years and help you to get the fines and penalties cancelled or reduced although we are required to go back further in a lot of older cases so don't be afraid to ask no matter how old your fines are.

Free appeal if we lose!

If we appeal against your fines or penalties and lose the appeal, we cover the cost! So no reason not to try, you literally have nothing to lose!

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