Umbrella Pay and Switchpay Service

Umbrella Pay and Switchpay Service

Being paid through an Umbrella company is a requirement for a lot of contractors so that payments can be safeguarded and it also makes sure all your tax liabilities are met in approval with HMRC.

We charge a flat fee of £15 a week no matter how much you earn and it includes

  • Weekly pay statement
  • Liability insurance
  • First week free
  • Holiday pay option
  • No contract tie in agreement
  • No hidden charges

Why pay more?

Our “switchpay” payroll system will include free umbrella fees as part of a limited company package if some of your contracts or clients won’t pay you through a limited company because of their payment rules or ir35 regulations.

Our”switchpay” system is activated by you from contract to contract as and when you need it at no extra cost on top of your limited company fees and enables you to gain tax savings when you can work through your limited company, and no extra umbrella fees when you can’t.

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