Who Are WPL

Who Are WPL

About WPL

Wpl accounting are tax refund specialists and have helped thousands of construction workers over the years to achieve a CIS or PAYE tax refund.

We also help to cancel or reduce tax fines and penalties with great results and file tax returns and limited company directors returns and accounts.

Still Helping Original Clients

The founders of WPL Accounting started by helping a few friends and family with their accounts because they were being overpriced and wrongly advised by their own accountants.

With recommendations and by word-of-mouth wpl accounting has grown into the company it is today and still helps many of its original clients.

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We help construction, offshore, rail, wind energy and health care workers to claim a tax refund of £3,261 or more on average. We also help self-employed, sole traders, small businesses, landlords and anybody that is required by HMRC to file as individuals or for their limited company.

Let us take care of any problems with HMRC and with our many years of experience we can use your expenses properly to get the maximum payout for you.

We help you to stay within HMRC guidelines to avoid any problems later on for claiming too much or for claiming the wrong things.

All refunds are backed by the wpl service guarantee which covers any HMRC compliance or figure checks. 

If the Taxman wants any of your refund back and all the information you gave us was accurate and complete then wpl will pay the tax man out of our own pocket!

Try our tax refund calculator below to see how much you could be owed, CIS or PAYE.

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We'd like to keep you updated with specialist services, exclusive offers and the latest legislation changes . We will never share or sell your data with anyone without your permission

Terms and Conditions

We want you to know exactly how our service works and why we need your details . So, please read our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy before you continue.